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*Fixed the level 4 bug
*Fixed the mobile fullscreen bug

*Sometimes, the touch buttons are black.

So this demo went wrong on so many levels.
First off, my voice guy ignored me so i had only few voice clips.
Second, i ran into the limit of events.
Third, i had too less time.
HUUUGE THANKS to Adam Beligard, for being so awesome and making the music and
Pauls Berzins for being the author of the whole idea.

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Ok so it's a pretty good game overall. I loved the sound effects The atmosphere was pretty good too, however I would have made the music a little more... suspenseful and silent, if you know what i'm saying. The gameplay was pretty fun too, however, in my opinion, it was too difficult for enjoyment... I guess that's not really something I can say... but I personally would enjoy it more if the gameplay had more to do with uncovering the more of the story vs. jumping and avoiding spikes. The art was pretty effective as well, however, like the gameplay it can be improved by making all the pixels the same size (like for exaple, some of the paintings in the background had big pixels vs. the spikes in the foreground). Also the spikes could be more symmetrical and the lines a little less jagged.

So overall, even though there are aspects of this game that can be improved on, it is certainly not amateur and feels pretty solid.

(Oh and you can jump behind one of the paintings... I am not sure if that's intentional XD )

nuberzins responds:

Oh thanks for your review! :) The game is meant to be very difficult. Have you ever played super meat boy? :) Now this game is really inspired by that game. :) Oh and the painting is a bug i forgot to fix, it was not intentional.

i cant play it

nuberzins responds:

Oh im sorry, send me a pm on your bugs.

Hard but fun!
I love the music and voice tone!

nuberzins responds:

Awesome! :) Thanks, man!

Mildly entertaining. I suggest adding check points.

nuberzins responds:

Oh thanks, checkpoints are pretty much useless in this small levels. :)

It's just like Super Meat Boy, hard, but you just want to keep playing again.

nuberzins responds:

Thanks, mate! :)

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2013
5:25 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other