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Geneva Convection

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made in 72 hours for ludum dare 26 (jam)

The theme was "Minimalism" so we did Death Rays instead.

here's the page for it on the ludum dare website, so you can VOTE FOR US AND HELP US WIN AGAIN
compo/ludum-dare-26/?acti on=preview&uid=12633

detailed instructions:
twisting the knobs controls power to the rooms
red = overpower, blue = underpower
try to keep all the valves neutral (neither red nor blue) unless you need to drastically change temperature
if the knob is blue, the room will cool down over time
if the knob is red, the room will heat up over time

if a room is cool, it will do less work (except for the generator and capacitor rooms)
if a room is hot, it will do more work
if a room gets too hot, it will explode and go black. you can repair it by clicking and holding on it until it's repaired

if the cooling room is blue, it will be doing less work and so the generator room will overheat
if the cooling room is red, it will be doing more work and so the generator room will cool down

if the monitoring room is underpowered, the generator room will go static

upgrading capacitor capacity will increase the size of the city you can destroy, and the capacitors will charge slower (and increase difficulty)
upgrading generator power will increase the charging speed (and increase difficulty)
launching a satellite increases the range (you want the 2nd satellite ASAP)

upgrading a thermostat will make temperature control easier (temperature tries to match power level over time rather than drifting off)
upgrading valve quality will make the steam vents have less of an effect on the valves

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I really liked this game is very fun, but the repair mecanics made it unplayable, if your capacitor array blows you have less than a second to reopen the valve of the cooling system and if you make it the refrigerant simply doesn't travel that fast.
This single fact ruins the whole game, otherwise it could be excellent.

The repair mechanics of this game are unbelievable broken. These broken mechanics make the game unplayable. After a certain point you are unable to save your base only delay the inevitable.

The game also throws every single thing it has at the player all at once, allowing for no time to learn how to play.

Not that great. Took a few attempts to even come to terms on how to play then i got 2 cities destroyed and then got blown up since i still dont know how to fully play the game.

Over all needs to be reworked quite a bit and a tutorial so players can more easily understand whats going on and how to play.

Once things start to get out or wack, nothing I do can save my base. No amount of turning valves will do anything. Not very intuitive how the heat flows.

This could be a good game if you eventually get to the point that you actually start off at, but you don't, you start off there.

The "helper" bloke needs to actually help you, rather than just pissing around there. For instance my generator blew a couple times, I try to fix with the hammer and 'something' happens, and then the hammer disappears, I can no longer fix stuff and it then continues to complain that it's broken...

Needs a much much slower and gradual start, rather than the brick it currently has, it might be a good game when you know how to play it, but when you don't it's complete crap, hence the low rating.

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2.02 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2013
9:39 PM EDT