Megaman X Flash Test

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This is my first flash game so, dont expect alot of stuff. Enjoy!

Note: use arrow keys to move and jump


This is very good!
Can you tell me what codes you used to move Zero?

SoulViruz responds:

i went to youtube and got the code from this dude.

its good for just an engine test and could be very fun as a finished game.

things to make sure you work out
1. on moving platforms make sure that they don't just come out from under you
2. pause button
3. when idle it looks like the back foot is floating

SoulViruz responds:

I'm just a beginner ok but if you like to help me out send me a message. Right now JohnBroadley is helping me out.

Not that horrible to be honest. Had to hit random keys to figure out what all does what, so a basic sprite on the tutorial level defining the keys for the user (or put them in the Author Comments) would be greatly helpful. Would like to be able to attack while moving as well. When on platforms, I notice I have to move the character rather than the platform dragging the character as expected, however it does increase difficulty within the game itself that way.

SoulViruz responds:

Yeah making a game is rough and really hard to do if your a beginner.

This was good. I found a bug or at least it appears to be a bug. On the moving platform you have to move the character as the platform moves otherwise he falls off.

Like the game, it's surprisingly fun for how basic it seems. Since this is a test I suppose feedback will be more useful to you than just a rating, so here are a few things I'd maybe edit:

- Turn down the speed on the moving platforms, and make sure that the character moves with the platform. (Unless of course that is a mechanic!)
- Draw your own sprites, I know this was a test, but even if you think you're no artist, I'd suggest practicing some sort of pixel art. I'm no artist myself but I find different styles of drawing to suit my games, you can see one of my games which is under judgment now, it is called Skater Sketcher, and the graphics are very simple but they match the tone of the game perfectly in my opinion.
- Keep going with Flash, the more you do, the better you'll become!

Good luck!

SoulViruz responds:

Yeah I'm just a beginner and it is hard finding scripts. Perhaps, if you can help me get some scripts if you have some.

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2.24 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2013
8:27 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG