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Rock Bottom

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Dodge spikes, float sideways in mid-air, get annoyed at sand, and do other strange things to die HARDER and HARDER--the right way--in order to reach the top! How hard can you hit rock bottom?

1. Press "P" to pause the game and/or return to the main menu.
2. Falling distance is based on the height of the platform you fall from; jumping doesn't add to your fall distance.

Note: Game may be upsetting to some people for themes of metaphorical suicide and rebirth.



05-03-13: If you're hopelessly stuck, try the walkthrough: http://youtu.be/aUfngJlsl AY (remove that space obvs)

05-02-13: Really amazed by all the positive feedback! Thanks for getting us on the front page! If you write a review or record a playthrough please send me a link, I'd love to see. Positive or negative, it's all good.

05-01-13: Oops, I had the wrong build. Latest upload has more sound FX.

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I found a secret: 4N25.
What does it mean?

Nice little game, mechanics are really neat. At times it was a bit confusing to know where to... *ahem*.. Kill yourself... And ultimately led me to decide not to finish the game but I enjoyed the time I put into it, nice one!

Good idea, excellent implementation. The puzzles are well made, and I tohroughly enjoyed solving them. However, sometimes things arent so apparent, and theres a lotta backtracking involved. I'm not that mcuh of a fan of it, but I could still appreciate the game. I think your walkthrough link is broken.

Nice game mechanics, challenging puzzles. I enjoyed playing it!

Fun, pleasantly challenging, nice use of replaying the same space with different abilities.