Game Grumps: Triforce #1

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Jon and Arin's adventure begins with the coolest concert ever.

Music is by Atpunk, Slenderman picture was drawn by MonochromeSteak and WinWinStudios at DeviantArt

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Special thanks to Wade Fulp, who taught me that flashing of the boobs is not some nudity, but adult themes. :D

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not bad

I don't see what this had to do with the Game Grumps, aside from using their likenesses. The music wasn't my cup of tea, but hey, some people like their tea auto-tuned and repetitive. If it was meant as a music video, it should've been classified as such, but the label of comedy and parody that it carries sets the viewer up for almost anything but that.

JakkMAU5 responds:

It is a parody. A parody of the Game Grumps. Now, the music couldn't be helped, since it is an actual game grumps remix. And the song didn't come across to me as 'repeatitive'. Yes, this is different from other Grump animations, but I'm tired of seeing the same thing with them. Always a paper background and a light brown pen color.

Not bad, Your drawing skills are great ;) music is great, just hoped for a bit of a story line. The intro was tied into the concert wich was alright, just keep at it & you;ll make other great work

I suppose the tune wasn't to bad but I couldn't understand them really. It's one of my pet peeves really, hearing singing but it being drown out by the rest of the song. Animation leave a little to be desired. Its not bad, just the typical, mildly lazy animation and art that goes into many videos on here already. Good enough to avoid a blame but nothing truly special at the moment.

wow well not really bad at all =)
the music is fine!
but the animation is okay.

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Apr 28, 2013
4:47 PM EDT
Music Video