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A game where you'll help a guy learn the Simple. With his ideas that are simple games, visualized with an art movement of minimalism. Made for Ludum Dare 26.

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awesome game. teaches you that you don't need the Legend Of Zelda btw graphics to have a nice game

horrible.simple as that.

until something is improved somehow,ill keep the no star rating.

I like the game. Simple yet addictive. The boss battle i found weird. beat it with out missing a shot. To try that in modern time games you wouldn't get far in the fight. This game is not only fun but inspiring at the same time, showing that you don't need the best graphics in the world to make a good game.
hopefully this will inspire more people to try.

The boss battle is unwinnable for me--because the boss's health resets the instant I'm not shooting it, and it can jump away from where I'm shooting, it's purely a matter of staying in place and holding z, and hoping that I'll get lucky. If there were a greater buffer between my shots not hitting the boss, and its health resetting, I could move back into firing range, and that might fix it. Apart from that, I like the game, though it could benefit from some polish.

ToadieTechnika responds:

If you miss a bullet off the screen from that level, it will really restart... You have to read the texts dude :D ... Thanks.

Invisible walls!!
That does'nt belong here.