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Hit Em

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Aug 25, 2002 | 2:32 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This ain't exactly a muzac video ya know.



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what is the name of that song ?? and who's song is it?

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Montini responds:

JT money, boi.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

u need some help

this is so gay its not funny and dude plz for all that is mighty and holy dont do this agian plz :) have a nice day


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this movie sucked shit. filthydeficator has a point, your responses ARE rather childish and your movies are crap. has it ever occured to you that some of us don't have movies on NG because we are acctualy taking the time to learn how to use flash well and to come up with a good idea? all you do is put out half-ass movies, and then start yelling and swearing at people when the critique them and give you negative feedback.


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What on earth?!

After viewing your "Agent 2003" movie I was compelled to see what other movies you have made that could possibly have been kept on the site. Now that I have watched "Stick Kombat" I am convinced that you have a legion of friends that sign onto the site (possibly you under multiple names or maybe your fat friend with the little pink gun) and vote 5 because this was the worst example of a stick movie EVER! All you have said back to your many negative reviewers has been along the lines of "at least I have a flash movie on NG," but the point is not the amount of movies kept on the site, the point is the QUALITY of movies. This flash is so piss poor that I would rather have no movies on the site than have this under my name! Additionally, you might consider yourself to be high and mighty because you have a flash on the site, but I think real respect should be given to those with higher rankings and those clever enough to come up with something to say back to reviewers OTHER than "at least I have a flash movie." What are you, 8 years old??? That's nice I don't have a movie, I'm fully aware of that fact, are you aware that I have twice the voting power that you do and am ranked in the top 1,000 for blams/saves? Also, I know how to spell at more than a 5th grade level! It's nice that some creators take the time to respond to their reviewers, both positive and negative, but when you do it, it is purely to say inane and childish comments because you have nothing better to do with your time! I wish you never made this movie and whatever means you've used to keep it on the site make you a piece of shit that doesn't deserve to be on this site.

Montini responds:

It occurs to me that you must be some 13 yr old SOB that has nothing better to do with his time ten to say s**t about ppl you don't know or never will. I can spell very well FYI. Just cause I type *&^% like dis doesn't mean I'm a bad typer dumb @$$. And what have you done with your life that makes you higher then those who can make good flashes, even if the fricken ppl on NG hate em or not? And "fat friend" I would like to see you say it to his face, then you would look like the pu$$ey with a "pink" gun.