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Pico Text Party!

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So since I'm heading over to the Pico Day Party this year, I decided that I had to make something. Here's some crap I pooped out.

Punch - Pretty accurate regular damage, no crits
Kick - Less stead accurate, more damage, possible crits
Headbutt - Possible big damage, if you miss you take damage
Karate chop - Low accuracy, huge damage

Your Strength and Agility stats will affect your accuracy and damage output.

That's it. I'm tired and I have to drive. Good day!

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uhhhh is it supposed to be just a white screen

Had fun one shotting everything when I spammed strength first to the point of doing that, until the game crashed. Fun nonetheless. ^w^


Well this was something different its not everyday you get to see these text like games this one was pretty fun though and I liked it seems like you coould ad onto this and make some more fun elements maybe adding on some medal ideas maybe some added color even.

Some added color and some medals would be nice too


I never cared for text games. It seems like this didn't even do well with fans. Well, there aren't many text games here. Or in general for that matter. I guess it's not the worst game ever created. It seems to have everything a text game should.

Happy Pico Day 2013! Yeah, it declined by this time. At least it's something. It's better than other worst Pico Day submissions. I guess others might like it.

A nice text submission for Pico day. Is the game suppose to crash like that?