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K - Reset when dead
R - Reset whenever
Space - Mute/Unmute

I made this game for a class, it was an interesting experience.

My group was supposed to help me a bit more than they did, and it just didn't really happen until very late in the semester.

I decided to turn it in pretty much as-is from what my class got to play, so it might be a bit rough around the edges. I had to rush to finish it, even though I provided my group with the level editor a month or more before it was due.

My group contributed the tail-end 4 levels, the title track and beam sound effects, and some art assets I forgot to implement.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy it.


As others have mentioned, this is a good basis, but the controls definitely need improvement. I cannot count the number of times I had to replay some levels simply because the controls did not respond well.

Well thought out. I have some suggestions for you. The jump assistance needs some fine tuning. As much as i like it; the beam stays on for far too short a time. That leads to my fingers cramping up trying to get the timing right. It has been the bane of many games for the Nintendo and much of the console and flash based games. Control and substance is valued very highly.Your game has very simple graphics. That does not bug me in th slightest. This seems to have substance. I would however add a little text story as to where i am? What am i doing as this robot? Where am I? The music is interesting and a tad creepy. Very cool yes. I would rather have the option to switch it off and just have sound effects. To some it can get repetitive and boring. That was also a rant from early games. These are just a few things you could change to make the game more playable. Keep up the good work.

I see a lot of potential in this. After some more fine tuning you could have a decent indie game you might even be able to sell! Love the laser rope idea.

Well. Still needs some work but the laser rope thingy was a nice idea

Not bad, could use some fine-tuning but it's got something.

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3.06 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2013
5:32 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle