Fat Couple Dressup

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Prepare these couple for party,There are so many dresses and Makeup items , dress them as you want .


I agree with most of the comments I've already seen. This is offensive. Both the man and the woman appear to have a decent body weight. Being on the big side myself, I really feel like this game is an insult to body-positivity. (Also, ***I*** could make a better game, and I can't code or draw with a mouse to save a life.)

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I feel that this is very insulting. With your decent size of library of games you've got on your page, this one feels full of severe flaws and hatred towards bigger people. It also feels very thrown together with little to no effort.

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The game was overall fun to play, however i don't know why the man has make up ? it may be an idea to have more options for clothing and such as it was quite limited and maybe a story line to start why are they going to a party, whose is it and such it may make the game more interesting.

The dude I could see being on the husky side, but that lady's obviously on an ideal body weight. Abysmally low points for being just another low-end dressup; even less points for insisting that average-sized girls are fatties.

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Apr 26, 2013
4:49 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up