Voyeur School

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Cartoon drawn in 2006, but on Newgrounds it was not.
Original score written and performed by Ghost Reflection.
Sorry for that junk.


Love the gross and creepiness but was this just a horror story like Russian sleeper story or does it have a meaning? I would love to know and do the paper clips represent insanity?

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My own interpretation of this flash, was that it was a protest against government testing of animals. The weird light that changed the "bunnies" was just a normal lamp. It was the government just testing on animals and we took their point of view. Who knows what all those drugs do to those "bunnies" mind. The paperclips I'm not sure of. Maybe it has some deeper meaning that I'm not getting.

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Pretty Intersting work, the art is something really good, the sound....is a little cliche, but its okay, the design of the "bunnies" are pretty cool too. And yes i love when artist want to mess with the head of viewers triying to resolve the message of this... Really good job

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Amazing... i love creppy stuff if only it doesnt have any jump scare (this one didnt so even better ^^)
i also love that this film doesnt have an explenation so every one that watches this makes his own storry and its interesting reading them

great job

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As I interperet it, this is someone's dream...or nightmare. Each person is forced to do something they never wanted to. They are crazed people, and are not aware of what they are doing. But perhaps there is a hidden message bigger than that. Paperclips represent any sort of bindings. The small monster in the end represents the monsters we let eat away at us every day. Maybe the day this was made, the author (And by the way wonderful line and mood!) was in a good mood, and simply wanted something to horrify them and others. But the end...The end still puzzles me. Maybe this whole thing represents a war, or not. It could be that they only wanted to scar someone for life. Whatever the reason, great work and i hope more morbid animations like this come out soon!

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Apr 26, 2013
6:03 AM EDT