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Block Jump

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Author Comments

You play as Jumpin' Jack, who must go through a forest, a volcanoe,a mountain and a cave in order to find his homeland!


I liked the concept op the game but there are still some things you could improve:

- give it some music. a game with a soundtrack is instantly twice as good. but then, don't forget a mute button :)
- I was able to cheat in the Volcano.. if you jump against the left wall, you can keep jumping until the top of the level. you could avoid that by forcing the player through a horizontal tunnel.
- put some respawn points in the game. Currently i am stuck in the cave but im getting frustrated because i have to do that first walljump over and over again, after i died..

Overall it is a good game, so keep up the good work :)

theinsanebox responds:

Thanks Man!
First of all this game is basically an outline for games in the future!
Originally there was music, but I got frustrated because the file was corrupt.
Any how, thanks for the advise!

This has very nice graphics and such. could use a main menu, some instructions (like what key to use to jump I had to spam all the keys to find the right one), maybe a more detailed story line (why is he away from his homeland in the first place?) and maybe a few characters to interact with. But very nice job.

theinsanebox responds:

The Idea of no enemies was inspired by Blue Baby's 'Meat Boy' to rather have tricky jumps and obstacles instead of enemies.

It's not very entertaining to be honest. There are no save points that you can come back to, and there is no character art at all. I don't know if that was intentional at all.

BUT, the idea of wall jumping was great, I loved it, you should keep that.

Two stars man, it wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst.

theinsanebox responds:

Thanks man, the no character design was intentional, it's sort of a rough draft of a character yah know?

It seems that There Are many Key Things That makes This bad: 1: The fact that You made the character the Default hit sensor sprites, 2: The level Design Is Pretty Poor Snd Contains jumps You usualy Would think "OH! thats a pit! Better not fall into it!". 3: some of the tiles are not solid. and 4: No creativity With this, You have to atleast add music or a level design made from the Preset levels! Maybe Make it better So you will have a lower chance of getting blamed. Just make it better and everything will be okay.

theinsanebox responds:

Yes, there are alot of errors, and there was originally going to be music, but the files where messed up. I have several things to say before I explain the errors
1: This is a test game, I used it to see if i could actually make a game.
2: The character is just an outline for a character originally planned for my next game "Q-Tails"
3:Some tiles are not solid because they aer represented as a 3-d object, or back/fore ground objects
I would just like to say I thank you very much for your response, and have created a list for things I need in my next game. THANK YOU!!!
*UPDATE- the character Jumpin' JAck is not original. I use a software called stencyl and ripped it from the actors section, but the level design and mechanics are indeed my work. Also the no enemies thing was inspired by Bluebabies, and Team Meat's "SUPER MEAT BOY"

The actual platforming works well, but it could be fleshed out more over all

theinsanebox responds:

BAsically, this was a test game to see if i was actually able to make games in general. This project was rushed, but overall got me started on how game mechanics work. Thank you for your support!

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Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2013
10:42 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle