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Prismatic Pictures

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Try to figure out what the full image is when you can only see parts of it at a time.

This game used to be rated 'very hard' but I've made it significantly easier.

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Easy but cool!

not bad, im stuck on 28.

I kinda liked it. It's a very relaxing game. I love the music and the graphics are pretty nice

OK, so, you're presented by a book consisting of a bunch of incomplete drawings. By incomplete, I mean that there are lines missing. Your objective is to figure out what's hiding behind these pictures and then type the answer into the box, which unlocks the next puzzle (in order to submit your answer, you have to hit the enter-key. An in-game submit button would've been nice, if only to add some consistency). To aid you, there's a pair of spectacles which you can use to reveal different parts of the image. These puzzles range from ridiculously easy to somewhat easy. The game itself is simple to grasp, which is a good thing. However, it's one dimensional, it's far too easy and as a result, it gets boring after only a few minutes. I'd much rather play the "very hard" version mentioned in the description. Then I could at least challenge myself. Yet, there's definitely effort put into this and as such, it's worth a try. Though, it's probably targeted towards a younger audience, so keep that in mind.

All in all; not bad.

MBtheI responds:

Thanks! If I get enough of "too easy" and if I can come up with other ways to improve the game, I'll put out a sequel which will be the harder version with different puzzles.

Pretty good game except some of the pics are really hard to figure out like NO.9.