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vegeta kills Hulk

rated 2.44 / 5 stars
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Apr 21, 2013 | 2:53 PM EDT

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Author Comments

It is a mouse drawn animation, done in the choppy art style . It is a mockry of cartoons, my version of art.The story is simple I was bored and was finished with my course work for the semester but as I was working on them I made this. It took me couple of days because I had to stop to do educational activities, anyway I hate the hulk so in most my animation if I should draw him, he will be the victim & in this short film Vegeta observed Goku got defeated by the hulk and pull a fast attack then finish the hulk with a final flash energy wave.

if you do not like it please do not comment just keep it to yourself, it has grown pretty old especially when i am constantly repeating the challenges of which i face with all my animation that i have submitted; in that i was very thorough with previous author reports.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

You really need to fix the audio on this. Other than that the animation wasn't the worst thing. Well, some of it.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

this is good, i know of the challenges of which you face, i face them too. To do this with the mous and being a solo artist of the choppy style animation this is excellent, it is even better than most of the animation submission on this site and sadly all the other submission, have a lot of people, cast, technology such as drawing tablets and animation tech and gizmo as well as outside and inside training and do not even a story and yet it gets 5 stars how pathetic but your work have a target or meaning. the next thing i think the other morns with sarcastic comments should read the authors report before they open their mouth. the persons with the unnecessary comments, it must be that they can not read because in the authors report it vividly states" if you do not like it please do not comment just keep it to yourself" and just to help out this artist.

let it be known to those who do not know, this artist is a solo artist who is just starting out and the only person that loves animation in his country and wishes to peruse it. the only equipment that the artist have is an optical mouse to draw with in flash 8, flash 8 itself as a software and old microphone and a laptop. jeez people uplift the lad instead of pulling him down.
for you though sir you need to get some lucky break so that you can get out of that lame country and get exposed to technology and upgrade yourself with knowledge & tools. then if you surpass your limitations of drawing with the mouse, i know you will be a force to be recon with. finally i am certain that half these submitters of movies can not even draw someone with the mouse like you moreover to animate it or do anything for themselves.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Warning: This review may be a spoiler. (As if the title didn`t ruin it for you enough lol)

Bravo sir, you managed to get a sweet, long laughter out of me. I am not being nuts, this is a true masterpiece, if you were heading for comedy or a parody.

Although the poor execution, this animation has the potential to winning an oscar, a Nobel piece prize offering for what you did, or at least a good damn praise how you`ve actually done better than the lame comedy movies and series people try to think up of so hard. Hollywood, i present you with the perfect portfolio for your future development. You suck.

Perhaps its the lame animation that brought up so much comedy into this. I must say i were very pleased to taking my time to watch this, and I am looking forward to your daily first.

I am not sarcastic, ironic or insane. I am serious about this. This has made me laugh SO HARD. The awful lip sync when Vegeta says Final Flash, and the horrible voice acting, and the way you made Vegeta fight Hulk.... Damn. I literally fell of my chair. My head still hurts ow. XD 10/10!