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Girl Gamers

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This is the sequel to Girl Gamer! Our longest video yet! We've upped our quality of animation. If you watched the last one, you can definitely tell a difference!


It was ok. nothing really new here. but it does bring to light the obvious bulloney of girl gamers versus girls who actually play

awesome movie, liked the animation too

What a bitch...
But, I digress. Great job, Jaltoid!

It was a bit funny,and reflects to reality how some girls are when playing games.I once was playing a shooter and there were two girls in the server acting exactly like this.Thankfully,the people there decided to kick the one that would be the pink clothed girl (that just sat there and spammed the chat) and left the blue clothed one here (who,if I were to guess,played as good as any of us)and thanks to her,we won most of the matches.
I'm not saying all girls are like this,but we need to teach some girls what's the difference between a shooter/action game and a dating site.

Found it to be pretty good. Not exactly my cup of tea, but the animation is slick and the story continued alright. I would liked the second girl to have been more involved in here, have more dialog, but that´s me. Overall i really enjoyed it. Cheers man!

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4.30 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2013
3:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Original