Seed (Roan Contreras)

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A game with a message for our nature. The main objective of this game is to plant a tree that builds a better world.

If you have any problems on playing this game, "play this at New Window" (press this button above the game's screen, upper right)

Updated last April 23, 2013.


Ugh, it was boring, the concept was ok but i don't like the lad between the moose and square, i also suggest putting a mute button making it go faster ugh

toadfrogs responds:

I've updated the game with a sound button (for mute and vice versa)...

As a game its odd but if it were a movie then it will be better with the art and music.

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Poor ocularnebula having his music used in something like this.

Almost forgot (Ugh)

It's good as art. It has a message, the music is great, and even though the graphics are simplistic they get the job done. As a game, though, it definitely needs some work. I never felt any incentive to not die, despite there being a death counter. To get out of a dead end after getting a seed you can just kill yourself, which probably isn't the best way to build a better world. The game play wasn't all that interesting, I never at all felt motivated to win. The controls also seemed a bit weird to me. Sometimes I'll click and hold somewhere, the cube will angle oddly, overshoot my cursor, and circle round to it. That doesn't end too well if a red wall is right there.

TL;DR: Good concept, yay for trying to spread a message, but the game aspect needed some assistance. Even adding a story instead of just saying the message and pretending that we think moving a square to a circle is actually achieving something would go a long way.

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I liked the concept but I wish you guys would have done more with it! I agree with some reviews about the music, you could have gone for something with a little more flair. The graphics are unimaginative= dark circles are supposed to represent seeds and there is no context as to why there is a resizable cube collecting seeds. A plot would have easily addressed this: on the top of my head Wally: A small cube-shaped robot is going to collect seeds for the re-planting of his home-world. Another thing I didn't enjoy was the red-cubes... If you had a story you couldn't have incorporated that obstacle somehow. But I'm a shape-changing cube that has to get green dots and dies if I touch red...

Again good concept, I love the idea that you guys want to incorporate a lesson into your theme. It just lacked better execution, graphics and plot.

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2.51 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2013
10:47 AM EDT
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