Our Story: The Finale

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Author Comments

So we've to come to this. Our Story has finally reached it's ending. This is the final episode of the story that you've never seen or heard of before. It's been a good run, I hope you had as much fun as we did. Thank you for all your support!

Spoiler: It was a horror story all along OMGOMGOMG!

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lara:what happend to your mom batman:mommy? mommy! -cries lara:uhh dad batman: DAADDDY! WAAA-goes off crying and the story comes to other character now- done

Lare responds:

Yeah, no.

I can't believe it's over. Such a fantastic story. Even though I wasn't there to experience those things you did, I can still feel every emotion you had through this movie. This is just how Lara would have wanted it.

Lare responds:

I only wish I was alive to see all this...

Note I've haven't seen the others yet but I won't talk about the story... The animation felt choppy and un- natrual and it felt like i was watching paper cutout move on the screen.... I liked how it wrapped up all the charaters stories but I didn't think it was needed to add the Lara Croft "She killed her self." after the detailed information was given. But the ending felt like old movies that didn't intend a sequel. So I concluded to give you 2.5 stars.

Lare responds:

Palm to the face. All the way.

I was going to rate this higher until the very end. The opening moved a bit slow, but it's tolerable if you read it with your "gargling drain-cleaner and gravel"-Batman voice. I enjoyed the "what happened then" montage, but again, the end was a childish cop-out. Hope it gets saved and you improve, good luck all in all I enjoyed it.

Lare responds:

Hey, I'm sorry but I can't change the truth to match your wishes!

Overall, the flash was okay. I went back and watched the others. The plot was decent, and this tied things up well. Good job on that.
As for animation, there was little motion. Action is the best quality of animation, wherein the characters literally come to virtual life on the computer screen. It may take you a bit, but I would invest in learning how to create dynamic animations, beyond that of sprites or pictures of characters to serve as placeholders. That was my biggest complaint, truly.
The music was excellent. Kings of Convenience, perhaps? Be sure to credit them, I didn't see that.

All in all, keep at it. This wasn't perfect, but, from my perspective as a writer, you are an excellent storyteller. By the way, nice job leaning on the fourth wall -- breaking it, really.

Lare responds:

That's nice to hear and all, but the thing is, I'm lazy as hell. I have no choice but to stick with the lame animations.

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2013
6:14 PM EDT