Knight Vs Giant

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You Play as a White Knight with his sword to slain The Mighty Giant. To defeat The Giant The Knight must ready him self. Prepare to fight The Giant by constantly upgrading weapon and skill.


45 Achievements to unlock
7 Upgradeable skill, weapon and armor
Massive Health Giant to Defeat
a lot of monsters

Use WASD or Mouse for Movement
Up = W
Down = S
Right = D
Left = A
Attack = Left Arrow / Left Click
Special Attack = Down Arrow / Spacebar
Sprint = Right Arrow / Left Shift
Use Meat (Replenish Health) = Number 1
Use Potion (Replenish Stamina) = Number 2
Suicide (Panic Key) = O
Complete all achievement to play as The Dark Knight

Range of picking up the drop items.


Reward vs. Time required is too low. Seriously, only a win screen? Also 100000 gold is a big jump from 10000, and definitely not worth it. Achievements should be worth something individually, if it's going to be an achievement-focused game.

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It seems like the more I upgrade my special attack the more it misses and I don't think it's suppose to miss at all.

the pause! is not pausing! but it still great game make more something like this again please!

a bit, or should i say a LOT of monster farming. Could have some kind of side-quests that could keep this game from being too repetitive in earning money to be able to have more chances in defeating the Giant. Maybe hire some mercenaries to help the player out too.

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This game has a lot of promise, but it has a lot of faults. First, it's WAY too simplistic. About 3 quarters of the game, all you do is farm monsters for money. That is all you do. Eventually, if you build up endurance and special attack, you pretty much go into god mode. The idea is great, but the gameplay is also way too laggy near the end of the game. I also would have liked to see more enemy types instead of red and blue slimes, such as bandits or maybe even a miniboss. The final battle with the giant is such a hassle, in that, whenever you do your special attack, the red slimes will swarm you, so you have to deal with them, and the giant knocking you down constantly. The overhead map didn't help much, as it didn't show much detail. However, the game is a great time waster, if you can get over the lag and repetitiveness. I like the idea of the open world, but it was largely unpopulated, save for monsters and the giant. If you could make an improved sequel, I very much look forward to playing it, and I wish you the best of luck with future games.

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4.05 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2013
12:37 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 3rd Place April 20, 2013