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Sack Ninjas

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Author Comments

Here is a Small prototype for Sack Ninjas. a Small game i'm Making soon


well nice but don't bring out the prototype unless you fixed the bugs and quality of the game or it will doom your future submission, usually no one reads the Author Comments, best of luck.

I liked the character. Not much else to really say here because its a prototype. Hope to see the real thing soon!

This prototype has no direction, no real controls, and definitely no point. Aside from that, the platforms that you've created often glitch and make you fall infinitely. I think you should actually have a concept when posting a prototype. There's nothing to critique because there is nothing here.

The hit detection is off, there's no sound (not even music), there's only one stage (if there's more than they're unreachable).

This game is poorly programmed. One major problem I found within seconds was that one of the platforms wasn't solid on one side, so I fell right through it. Immediately following that, I fell through the starting platform multiple times at an abnormal speed before being able to control the character again.

Eventually, I got close to the flag, which would basically mean that's the end of the level, only to fall through yet another platform and fall down uncontrollably through the first platform some more for a few seconds. I then tried to touch the flag pole in midair, and then I found out that it was just part of the background, too. Yet again, I fell down and died.

You could've easily put a "Level Complete" or "You Win" screen after touching the flag. However, I should stress something more important: never submit a prototype, work in progress, test, or "sorry if it's terrible" game or animation to the Newgrounds portal. The Newgrounds portal is for completed and quality work only. Also, since I rate a lot of submissions under judgement, I've learned to be quick to tell that any submission under 25 KB is likely to be bad.

You should spend more time working on your projects. Make them more detailed, playable, and fun. If you ever do want to post another prototype later, please post it in the Newgrounds dump. You can share a link with friends or other people to help you out.

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Credits & Info

1.69 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2013
10:03 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other