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Save the Frog Princess

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Fire 10 times 5 Points

Fire your cannon 10 times

Kill 15 robots 5 Points

Kill at least 15 robots

Fire 50 times 10 Points

Fire your cannon 50 times

Complete 5 levels 25 Points

Complete 5 levels with 3 cannon balls bonus

Fire 100 times 25 Points

Fire your cannon 100 times

Kill 45 robots 25 Points

Kill at least 45 robots

Fire 250 times 50 Points

Fire your cannon 250 times

Kill 90 robots 50 Points

Kill at least 45 robots

Complete 15 levels 100 Points

Complete 15 levels with 3 cannon balls bonus

Complete 30 levels 100 Points

Complete 30 levels with 3 cannon balls bonus

Finish the game 100 Points

Finish the game

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Cute puzzle physics game, where player uses mouse to fire cannon. The objective is to kill all robots on the field and avoid hitting the princess. Lots of achievements in 32 challenging levels.

- Drag mouse to the screen edges to move screen
- Click to stop rotating cannon
- Click for the second time to shoot

- Kill all the robots
- Save the frog princess

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@HerbieG totally correct in everything you're saying. Indeed the game was pretty random if it'd "count" various things or not and many times the "correct" thing to do wouldn't "count". Try it again another 50 times and maybe it'd work one of the times. (Which was very necessary to get *all* medals of the game, by the way)

On the last level, the bricks indeed don't always kill that final robot but sometimes they do. I'd say they kill him about one in six times or so. Also hilarious you can get the "Finish the game" medal by making it to the last level but then killing the princess rather than the robots. But you should note the medal does say "Finish the game" not "Beat the game" so maybe you're tired of that frog princess by then so you finished the game by killing her. She's finished. Done for.

Also do note you don't have all the medals but that final medal was likely not publicly visible at time you wrote the review, and now 0 points medals (those not earned by anyone yet) are visible, which is why I was able to see it, go for it, and become the first to earn it and now it's no longer 0 points so go get 'em tiger.

Medal description is correct. You do only need 3 stars in 30 of the 32 levels, which is good because I believe it is impossible to do in level 15 and level 31. For the rest you have to get insanely lucky and hope it "counts" what you want it to "count", with level 18 being particularly troublesome but ultimately was my 30th level 3 starring, so medal get.

The game is quite a challenge, but unfortunately not only because of the difficulty. Sometimes the physics is really weird. It should be repetetive, I mean that certain shots/falling objects should kill a certain robot every single time, but it is not happening. For example, the bricks on the last level are unfair <<Spoiler!>>, because after destroying the wooden plank under them they sometimes kill the robot and sometimes don't. There are many examples like this in the game.
One important thing about the last level: I got the final medal after killing the Princess. I finished this level anyway to be an honest owner of it (otherwise I would remove it from my account), but this should not happen.

It is a pretty decent game with its simple designs,although it can get quite repetitive to keep seeing the same old characters through out the game,maybe adding in a variety of enemies and cannon ammo types to make it more interesting.There should also be a way to cancel a shot,as it can get troublesome to restart the whole level just because the cannon is aimed wrongly.Moreover,as the cannon is aiming up and down,the game depends on the player's reaction time and skills so as to get the right shots.In the later part of the levels,though,it can get really difficult when players try to repeat their previous shots but can't,as there is nothing to point that out,making it look as if luck is needed to get that right estimation,instead of skill,so an arrow or something could be added to guide players in planning their next shots.This game is good to kill some time(or get medals)for those wanting a challenge.

There's not a whole lot of originality to the game. It's all "Seen it. Played it before". Personally, if your going to do a game like this it's best to keep it simple and fun, not irritating with lucky precision shots. The player should be able to control the direction of the cannon, not hope to click it into the right position, and then hope to click on the right amount of force to send the cannon ball flying with . Stuff like that may be okay for games like bezerk ball, but not games like this. I'm also baffled by the weird physics, which sometimes make the cannon ball seem like a plastic ball that does no damage when it hits the robots from a height.

Nto My Kid Of GameBut I See Others Loving It Thats Why Its A 4

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2013
5:35 AM EDT
  • Stencyl