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They Will Again Against-

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2 stories told about the lesbian and gay community and how religion and politics interfere with their freedoms.

All Music by me

This is obviously, my first paper animation.....

I appreciate everyone's ratings and comments! It's more so about the story than the attempted style <3 Especially the ending :,-(

The penises do not represent men, they represent "you are either a masculin man, or not a man and that is how society defines you"

The first half shows 2 women. the elephant tells them that you have to cut her breasts off and add a penis or else there will be fire. The woman on the right doctors up the other woman and doesn't think that's right. The elephant suggests hell fire which scares the woman on the left. She tries to turn the woman on the right into a man and the woman refuses and retaliates.

The next part shows the story of two men. These men are not defined by their sex and do not have penises. The closed minded men who are defined by their penises have one, they attempt to put it on one of the gay men while beating the other gay man up. 1 out of 10 gay people commit suicide every year. I am depicting this problem in my animation.

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Very good, feeling were deffinatly envoked. I was very sad for the characters just wanting to love and constantly being told no. Really liked it.

it is hard to be different...it was in the past, it is today and it will be in the future if people do not want to understand. the keyword is empathy, but fear makes blind and deef...

Pretty bad animation.
Maybe the story was good, but I fast forwarded.

I cryied on the last part of the video, society is so hard and close minded, I hope that one day everyone will be able to see the things that be have in common, and don't see the differences that makes people hate each other... let people love, let people think, they don't hurt you by that, while the intolerance does kill.

Good message. Agree with most things you said, not all... I have a specific gripe with 10% of gays commit suicide annually. That doesn't seem statistically probable.
As for your art. It's rough, and while the message is good, and some of the roughness does translate well as emphasis to the oppression of the LGBT community it could have been done a bit better.

The news states that 52% of America now supports gay marriage, and most media I've seen so far has basically had the stance of "this was inevitable."

I guess I'm impatient in the fact that it took this long.

Minimeowz responds:

Thank you for taking the time to view my work and to make comments. I really appreciate it= hugs!

Credits & Info

3.99 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2013
10:48 PM EDT