Nuclear Man Broken Dreams

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Nuclear Man - Broken Dreams is about a superhero who has to stop the biggest company from ruining peoples lives!

I had to make a game on my own, in two weeks for my Game Design exam.
Everything is done by me except for the sound/music.

Have fun :)

(I know there are some minor font issues but had a tight deadline :P)

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What the hell I was expecting so much more

Derpingtimmy responds:

Do you even read discriptions?

This has potential, I just don't think it's there quite yet. I mean the art style was original and the music was fitting, though maybe slightly repetitive. If you keep this as a running project I can see this becoming an awesome game, so keep at it and refine it! Good luck!

it's a really good "start" of a game,but it isn't a full game. You only put in four enemys.

Derpingtimmy responds:

Thanks for your feedback :) I know its a small game.
I only had two weeks of time to finish this game and I'm not that good at programming since I am doing art for games most of the time.

(It was also supposed to be a small game since that was the assignment from my school.)

this can be a great game but the bullets are to fast and the bad guys need a health bar and the super hero need's a minor power like kick or headbutt something like that (and if you need to add voice's to your game PM me) all in all it's good but can be great with some more work

Derpingtimmy responds:

Thanks alot for your feedback!
I know its a small game. It's because I only had 2 weeks of time to make the game and I'm not much of a programmer x).

The enemy's do have a health bar, in the first stage the enemy does get killed in one shot.( This is to make it easy but it gets a bit harder at the next stage) the second stage has 2 enemies wich have both 2 lives. The boss has the same health bar.

I also want to thank you for your offer! I will consider it if I'm going to expand the game. That might sound weird but it was my exam project, to make a small game, and I wanted to show people how far i could get in just two weeks.

nice and a unique game and deserves MY 5 STARS !!!!!!

Derpingtimmy responds:

Thank you so much! :D

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2.70 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2013
3:29 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler