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(there is a short loading delay before playing, thanks for waiting it out)

This Flash video was created for awareness towards Australian's downloading illegal music. It was an assignment for my study in Digital Media, in which we are learning Adobe Flash.

The video features an interactive element top of frame which provides you with the option to find out more information about the topic currently spoken about. All you need to do is click the red circle when displayed and a pop up will appear.

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I think there is a confusion between the CD industry and the music. One is a trade and the other is an art. Nowadays music does not need physical support, and record companies are dinosaurs that won't give up an ages old business.
The only music I have is the one I could buy directly to the artist via the internet.
And as long as I know music existed before intellectual property concept. Behaviour of listeners is not to be changed. The system of commercial distribution does.

Talking about money not music u liar. To make music there is no need for these hundreds of millions. Newgrounds is a great example of that. So keep downloading people. Screw this million dollar Justin freak show industry they call music.

I liked this very much it was extremley informative and also accurate to some terms,

I highly recommend everyone possible to watch this so they could learn at least something about piracy and also the downfall of the music industry in Australia so far (get well mate.)

Although I disagree with some of the prevention ideas, the video itself is made decently enough. Also I would like to point out that I can highlight the words on it, you should probably fix it.

I have a certain understanding on this topic not only in Australia, but in the US and around the world as well. To a point everywhere this is happening is placing strain on the music industry and costing them a great deal of money.
Over time the effect will become greater. Although things like concerts and events with artists involved can never be replaced by simple video. The people who are devoted to purchasing music with money instead of downloading it for free still bring in money as well.
But in the long run if this continues we may come to the point where the music industry is screwed. I'm not telling people to change their ways, but a bit of information can go a long way.

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Apr 16, 2013
2:46 AM EDT