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August 18, 2019
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When a family encounters a simple minded llama at the petting zoo, all hell breaks loose.

DUMPSTAR is a web series that sorts through the garbage of society, hand picking the filthiest specimens for your viewing pleasure. It is a generous smattering of animated madness, delivered to you like a bloody horse head under the sheets.


whats the song at the end

I loved everything but the ending.

it was wel animated but realy stupid and anoying to watch maby a todler would enjoy it

O.o wow... what's the music in the outro called please ? it's great :P

Ah, the wonders of the Human mind.

That was fucked up.

Truly fucked up.....but..hey......

I like it.



Truly amazing talented animation and very funny in its own way. You have something really great here.. Its really good. I think the llama said fags tho lmaooo


I love it my fraynd!

Very well done, Great comedy! Really funny stuff and your really good at directing things :) Working with cutouts must take a while so I commend you for that.

Voice work was hilarious and overall great, cant wait to see more from you :D

Cleverly made. I was repelled by the animation at first till I realized it complements.

I loved this.
All of those cutouts had to take a while to make and add movement to.
The voices were hilarious and the humor dark, good stuff.
I await your next submission.
Keep up the great work!

Funny as hell.
Great scenery, you have some awesome directing skills.

This has a Southpark vibe to it. Relatively crap compared to the standard animation but the style works well, and it's cool that it's a detailed diorama brought to life (and death, concerning the llama). Really creeped me out too. (Prepare for pretentiousness!!!) I was waiting for the llama to do something horrible because the dad made it angry, but in the end it was the psychopathic dad who did something horrible because he felt his ego was being attacked by a less intelligent animal that just wanted to be "fraynds." A sad story that in some way reflects social interactions between people, in the way that some people will be offended by you wanting to be friendly to them, and vice versa. And that, ultimately, no one will care, just as the family didn't think twice about the dad choking the llama to death. Am I right or am I right? heh heh :D (Okay I'm done now) Like others have said, I don't think the blatant (and accidental?) penis made by the llama and the kid's head should have made it into the animation.

ha. the kids head and the llamas head make a cock'nballs...then the dad chokes it...saweeet

Reminds me of Troma. Awesome.

Wow very well done!

Great comedy!

There is some deeper thing about society and family's going on here (maybe married men don't have freyndz they have a family?) Maybe not still funny.

I wish I could give an extra star for the Minecraft animal sounds :D

That was actually pretty funny, and even if it is rough around the edges I love all forms of stop motion and majour props to anyone who does it. Simple and short, but humorous.

Though one comment that is inconsequential to the flash itself but - "Music by DJ RYU"? Uhm, sad to say but no, unless it's a remix that sounds exactly the same, that song is the instrumental version of "Bran New Love Song" by The Pillows.

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, if you could hear the longer version of the song, it's actually a remixed version of the Pillows song. Unfortunately, I did not know that at the time I made the video, so the credit is a little misleading. Not trying to steal anything from the Pillows, so I'm probably changing up the song in future projects. DJ RYU has a ton of great original tracks, wish I'd done my research a little more.

good shit dude


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