The Little Jamurai

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"The Little Jamurai" was the first openly distributed cartoon from Dreadfully Slick Developments and has been on this portal since 2000 if you can believe it.
The original Jamurai cartoon, The Loud Song of Silence, can be found exclusively at Jamurai.com.
A note to those quick to jump to conclusions out there: The Jamurai, originally created for mixtapes in the mid-90's, predate Samurai Champloo, Samurai Jack and Ghost Dog which they are often compared to. We don't mind the comparison, but we were here first.


I love the animation in this! It's really hard to believe that this was made in 2000! I guess I was wrong in that all cartoons made at this time had bad artwork. This holds up greatly! I guess there could have been a bit more action, but it doesn't matter. This is just great to look at.

Why doesn't this have its own series page? It's really popular! I like the way their heads move. It was a tad predictable, but still lots of fun. I like how stylized the "J" is.

The Little Jamurai is nice, but:

The story is fun, but not hilarious ...

And i think you should improve the quality of your animation and a story more fun, because it's not bad !

that nice, no much !

Nicely Done

The animation was nicely put into the flash looking very neat, along with some great voice acting put into the flash to be clearly understandable about the plot. The music was great and very suitable for watching a little Jamurai kill some people. Somewhat funny to with him walking away with his radio or whatever and the dialogue saying "No matter how small...don't mess with the Jamurai" that got me cracking up a little bit. The pace and sense of timing is quite good I thought this would be extremely short due to it being a small action movie. Can't wait to see the sequel honestly, this has got me quite interested.

The intro could have been a bit better it opened with them walking straight up to him and stealing his radio or whatever. Also, the plot could have been worked on to be more interesting.

A great flash keep up the great work I'm actually interested in watching the sequel now the quality and timing was well worked on just needs a more epic story to it.

-TY Reviews

Slick animation

The visuals here were pretty cool looking, its always good to see this moody black and white with flashes of colour style put into practice. The story here as it were is very slight, but gets the job done enough to get the action ball rolling.

A fairly entertaining short, with some smooth visuals.


Tihs was really clever, honest.

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4.15 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2000
9:26 PM EDT