Zombie Head Mars

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Zombie bored again in his grave, after back from the Moon, he had the idea to go to the Mars, can you help him to achieve in the shortest possible time?

Press UP/W to launch, LEFT/A or RIGHT/D to move, SPACE BAR to use booster/proceed, avoid onions and aliens, grab brains for boost and money for upgrades.


Okay there are several things that annoy me about games.

This game is good, it has decent upgrades, tight controls. However removing previous upgrades for new ones is an idiotic choice, may as well not upgrade launch/stamina at all and just upgrade equipment until you get fuel/boost.
Winning is completely random, once you get rockets your basically moving too fast to even see whats coming so your just sitting there hoping you get an open path up. Even if you do get an open path the meteors are broken because they target you, I cant tell you how many times I got past the aliens with armor left, then died withing seconds because every meteor in the universe has it in for my zombie.

However the thing that makes this game suffer is the ads. I'm all for developers putting ads in, it gets them money and allows them to keep making good games BUT when the ad makes the game suffer, or rips me out of the game to 'wait' then I start taking away points.
Luckily this game's ads are fine in that corner of the upgrade screen, they dont suddenly appear for you to click on, they arent in the way of anyhting, and they dont pull...oh whats this? Every so often the game is forced to pause while a in player popup ad plays and takes me out of the game?

That happened just about every three launches.

Over all the game is decent, but unfortunatly suffers because of poor choices

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Yeah because I like games I can't play..

This game is plain awful, and when you are boosting and you pick a brain, you get slowed?? How can you even post this game.

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I love toss games more than anything But I can't play it everytime the upgrade screen loads it Frezzes. Bullshit

U made a sequel to this monstrasity? Are you high. You didn't change the game in anyway and why does it have 3.5 stars? It should have 2 and u should agree with me people. See thegames8, this is why I don't play your games.

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3.57 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2013
12:27 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid
  • Daily 2nd Place April 16, 2013