The Little Jamurai

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"The Little Jamurai" was the first openly distributed cartoon from Dreadfully Slick Developments and has been on this portal since 2000 if you can believe it.
The original Jamurai cartoon, The Loud Song of Silence, can be found exclusively at Jamurai.com.
A note to those quick to jump to conclusions out there: The Jamurai, originally created for mixtapes in the mid-90's, predate Samurai Champloo, Samurai Jack and Ghost Dog which they are often compared to. We don't mind the comparison, but we were here first.


That wuz wicked

You got a whole lot of skills
that wuz freaked amazing and hilarious
bravo man, bravo


You have some REAL talent on your hands when it comes to the artwork and overall flow of the story line. From the looks of things, it seems like the plots going to take off the standard kungfu theme of revengence. But not to worry - your unique and fresh style sets this series apart from other kung fu hits. Stay up and stay strong.


Not as good as the second one.

It just didn't seem as polished. Though the second one was made when you were better, so....

like a mix of The Boondocks and Samurai Champloo

it was cool (even though im not a fan of the whole gangsta style)

a more stylized fighting scene would boost my review to a 10 but o well.

PS the faces of the guys when they got cut up were hilarious

Yeah, but...

This is good but way too short. With a score like 4.27 and a pace like it has, should be twice as long. Like XIN.

dreadslick responds:

You said the same thing about LJ2, word for word, so I'm not taking this as serious review B. Put something constructive together and I'll listen.

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4.15 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2000
9:26 PM EDT