Mack Daddy Mario REMAKE

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I'm not good at exporting my animated movies on an swf file, so I just make it an flv file.

This is a test on creating my own Sprite Flash animation. (I'm new at this)

The Program I used was Anime Studio Pro 8, I think that this software seems to be way easier than Adobe Flash. Plus, that was another reason why exporting an swf file was difficult.

mikeinthehouse is my username on YouTube.

It's a real damn shame that Randy Solem passed away so damn soon, really it's been a year since, he really inspired me to animate ever since I was ten years old, I loved all his sprite animations "Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom," "Mack Daddy Mario," and so on. He inspired a lot of people on his style of animation with really creative projects, and he will always been known as legacy that will touch our hearts.

R.I.P. Randy Solem 1975 - 2012. :'(

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If randy were alive, surely he would add him to his favorites, it hurts that he died of cancer, and I know him but I understand how influential he has been able to make other people make sprite animations in his honor!!!

It's been what? 11 years now? Man the nostalgia from both this remake and the original.
Love em both.

Randy would have loved this

I liked it, the sprites had a nice 3D feel to them. Good luck with future animations, also if you were using swivel to export the swf then unclick allow bitmap smoothing for the sprites to not look so blurry, but i thought the white rim kinda added to the lighting from the spot light so dont get hung up over it :)

Wow, a really nice remake of the very first Mack Daddy Mario. Maybe I should do one too...

Anyway, too bad, that it's not made in Flash. The sprites looked a bit washed-out. This doesn't mean, that the animation was bad though. In fact, it was pretty good.

To wrap this up, you've done a great job.

MikesCreations responds:

Thanks man! I tried this before and I think what I need to do is enlarge the pictures of the sprites and unmask the white boarders on Anime Studio and the sprites wont look too fuzzy.