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Blood from ears 5 Points

Wup argh wup

Coth-coth 5 Points

"Fresh" air, yeah

Game 5 Points

Is done

Happy dog 5 Points

He is now happy

Retro dream 5 Points

Hi Mario

Author Comments

WARNING: you can't understand more than 2 words in a row. Also ('coz of to many cola and jelly bears) you don't remember previous commands. Did you understand? Every command is 2 or less words like "go kitchen" or "open fridge".

In this game you need to write a game. You have 24 hours and one big problem: you can't create anything before you are not enough "uporot".
"Uporot" means, err, let it be "a bit crazy".

Sorry for Engrish.

Have problems? Try hitting ENTER without any entered text.
Still can't finish game? Visit Red's news.

UPD1: Tried to make game more clear for basic player. Added help, more words now look like commands.
UPD2: Cleaned most Engrish.

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Eh, 2 medals. It wasn't a complete waste of my time.

I love text based games, but this is just BAD.
You're going around and doing things. Where? How? Why? Well, don't bother to find some meaning in this because there's none. The game gives you no clue whatsoever, not even a map or a list of places you can go. The things you can do are also exceptionally limited. Read the description to understand what "uporot" means (that isn't helpful anyway).
The fact that this was made in 24 hours isn't much of an excuse.

OMG CGA fapping... Text adventure...
O boje, drochevo na CGA, tekstovaya advencha...

I've always enjoyed these types of games, and I think with a bit more work this could have been much better. I wish there were more commands added, as well as some humor, and of course smoother looking graphics.
All in all this shows you have the potential to make decent games, and I hope you continue to make more text based adventures in the future.

turn computer
play dog
go kitchen
open window
go bedroom
listen music
go living room
work game

There. I just saved you a lot of time trying to get this thing to parse commands.

forgotten-red responds:

You are wrong, not "work game" but "work".

Credits & Info

2.62 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2013
8:54 AM EDT
Adventure - Other