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Comedy - Original

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Apr 13, 2013 | 7:26 AM EDT

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Sam and his friends find a meteorite and Sam thinks if him and his friends go near it, the meteor will give everyone superpowers.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

The writing and voice acting are really good, though the animation leaves something to be desired. Your coloring choices are generally okay for the most part. The only thing I can see needing improvement in the coloring department is 2:20, his pants are a bit too dark to be seen clearly, especially when they're in front of something dark. My advice would be to have the characters be lighter than the background or have the background be darker than them - the coloring would really improve.

The writing was really good, and I like your sense of humor. I think the best part was the "catching on fire when embarrassed joke" - it's simple and funny. All of the characters are (or at least seem to be) likable and have decent personalities. Most of this video was funny throughout, though for the "bad luck" superpower I actually expected something more, like an unexpectedly funny twist.

The character designs all look way too similar. In fact, on some of the designs I can tell that the bodies are copy and pasted from other characters with some slight modifications. They all look the same and even if their hair and clothing are different, those are the only way they're different. This is an easy fix though. With a few slight adjustments this will be fixed.

The scene composition was, for the most part, pretty good except one issue that noticeable stuck out when I watched this, and it's at 0:46 in the video. The guy with the light blue jacket and the guy with the black shirt and hat are both pretty much blocked by two other guys and it looks unsettling at first. Maybe you should make one of the guys who are getting blocked in the shot smaller and move him up a little bit to give the idea of depth and that he's farther away so it doesn't look as odd.

Sometimes there was some excellent attention to detail, such as the many cans in the vending machine. Other times, there was barely any detail, mainly in 2:34 where it's grass, the sky and some clouds. It may seem like some of what I'm saying is useless nitpicking, but it's the small details that can end up really making a positive impact on the big picture. Also one of the issues in the background is the grass is a bit too low.

Then there's the white-to-black default gradient you can clearly see in 2:41, I think it would look better as a gray-to-black or a white-to-gray or maybe even a lighter-gray-to-a-darker-gray.

Overall, I like the writing. You have a nice sense of humor and this series could be something amazing if the animation and execution was improved. It may seem like nitpicking, but in the end fixing up the small details usually end up improving the whole thing a lot. The characters are mostly copy and pasted and they need more variety. Even if it means making a face or a body slightly thinner or slightly fatter, it makes a difference. Good luck on your projects.

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S4MTW responds:

Best advice i have ever had! I thank you for taking the time to write such a long review. It's nice that people like you pay great attention to my animations and its true with the characters being copied and pasted. I will try and be better at picking my colors for backgrounds in the future episodes. I will try and add more detail as well. Your advice has really helped and hopefully you will see a change that you had a influence on in my future videos :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good animation Good music,Keep it up