Dog Defense

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Help Dog defend against the onslaught of critters, and help him defeat his shifty arch nemesis! Can you survive?

Hold left mouse button and/or Spacebar to shoot, and move the mouse to move Dog. Press Enter/Return to Pause the game, and Spacebar to resume playing. Some power ups are more helpful than others. Dog can not shoot straight, so you must always keep moving in the direction you want to shoot!

This was made by one of my awesome teenaged spawn in the Summer of 2012 in two weeks. We finally got around to putting it online.

Please enjoy his first game effort! The Newgrounds community is full of creative and gaming awesome, and we are glad to be able to be here with you all!

-- Mar 23, 2014 - removed mochi ads due to it shutting down, recompiled game and uploaded.


Ok, interesting concept, You need to work on a lot of problems though. first of all, i hated the control scheme. mouse to move and to shoot was really hard. (Aiming was almost impossible.) Your sound was okay, but when it got to programming, it glitched out badly on the 3rd level because of all the moving sprites.
One other thing that bothered me was that there was an ad I had to sit through between each level. I don't know if you have control of that or not, but it's kind of annoying. Good luck on your game making!

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xympul responds:

I will pass along everyone's feedback, and he will be reading it! :Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated!)

The ads were removed in the mentioned areas! :)

If you move in U shaped patterns, and keep moving (some players go around clockwise or counter clockwise patterns), you will be able to get through the first 4 levels with no problem. Finding your groove and finding out some of the scoring secrets will help you get higher scores to get on the scoreboard. ;)

The boss is the one that you have to really think out your strategy of movements with. He is Dog's toughest adversary!

Simple idea, It would be nicer if It had tighter controls. If I am Forced into Walk/Aim I have to be able to shoot at all the angles. Unfortunately I had only the 8 basic angles. All in all it's a good first effort.

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xympul responds:

Thank you for the feedback! An earlier bug he had with it, we decided to make it match up with how he has to shoot lasers from his eyes, but can't see well while blasting. You must keep moving to aim and shoot. Some patterns work better than others :) What kind of score did you get?

It's an okay start. I recommend adding upgrades to help dog survive. Everyone loves upgrades. The concept of moving and aiming dog straight isn't all that well either, maybe instead move with wasd or the arrow keys and use the mouse to aim and click to shoot? or at least have that option. That's be nice.

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xympul responds:

Thank you for the feedback and controls suggestion! :)

As hard as the game is, you can't move fast enough, or accurately enough, with any arrow/WASD/d-pad controls. We tested it with a few handful of players, and they weren't surviving long enough. In this current build, you can play it on a touch screen, touchpad, or mouse pretty easily.

He didn't want to make it like Robotron or of Geometry Wars, but have a similar vibe of not getting hit. Dog will move as fast as you can move the mouse, trackball, or your finger around the playfield.

We're glad you all are checking it out!

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3.93 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2013
11:36 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional