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alone on the journey of chasing dreams,so lonely and endless...


Very good game. But there is in insane difficulty spike at around level 56 to where it stops being challenging to just cheap. But the physics in the game and the mechanics still make it a wonderful game.

I cant figure out how to play, what are the controls?

rocky10529 responds:

mouse or "z"

man, this game is SO FREAKING AWESOME! amazing atmosphere, amazing soundtrack and also great phisics system!

Few hundred on 1st, around 70 on 2nd run :)

Great Game.
Liked the Idea, liked the graphics and liked the gameplay. The different Types of Magnets also kept it interesting.
However: A lot of levels are just too much based on Luck and/or Trial and Error which can be pretty frustrating, especially since the only kind of score you have is the number of deaths.

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I admit that I was pretty perplexed by this game at first. I thought it was very cool how you had to figure out how to start the game on your own. Strange, most of the time, when music is credited under the credits & info, it shows what song it came from. You must have used songs that aren't here. I like this game because of how dead it is. It just comes off as so creepy you have to enjoy it.

I guess it helps that I'm trying to get back into horror stories now. It may not have much detail, but it doesn't really need it. I appreciate you making something unique. I have said that in my reviews too many times to remember. It does get pretty frustrating if only because it's so different.

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3.98 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2013
4:48 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid