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The Custer Wolf (pilot)

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My first long and serious animation. This is my entry for the highschool TSA state competition and also a test/pilot episode for The Custer Wolf.
I had a very limited time to make this in between schoolwork, and had to cut down on all of the frame-by-frame animation. But, I did in fact learn a lot from making this, and I hope to produce something much better when I start to make the actual episodes.
Voice actors
Lordmoonstone- http://www.youtube.com/us er/lordmoonstone
CipherAbridged- http://www.youtube.com/us er/CipherAbridged
AtticusTheAbridged- http://www.youtube.com/us er/AtticusTheAbridged
and meeeeeeeeee

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I can see you have the skills to draw and make a good animation but you needed more time with this. I know how time consuming and a pain making a animation can be. You need some backgrounds so we see the world in which they live in. The stampede scene is kinda confusing at first. He hears them but we never see anything then he wakes up unharmed while his mother is killed. kinda feels blank there. I know it would be a hard scene to make but it would be awesome to see the stampede. Im sure the story will fold out more then just a revenge story. The more you do the better you'll get. So all in all looks pretty interesting.Good job and keep it up!

To start off with, The writing could be improved a little, along with animation quality. But I do understand how real life can interfer, so I'll cut some slack here. Overall, its what I would expect from a Pilot episode, get the basic plot covered and set things up for the REAL first episode. The idea is good though, little cliche, but overall I'm fine with it. However, I would suggest taking your time with it a bit more, A great Idea is only great if executed properly. I would suggest SOME movement with the mouth, but since they are animals I understand if you don't. Of course, that was some excellent voice acting there, not what I expected from this. Although I would suggest a voice over of the opening summary. Overall: It has a good (if somewhat cliche) story, great voice acting, some good, fair, poor, and no animation (four words I never thought i would use in the same sentence, i would suggest taking more time on that), it needs music, ambient sound are excellent, and it felt like the start of something (sort of). I think it is a -fair animation and could use work, but it does its job. Good luck, I'll be watching =_=

Ok, this kind of story is not very innovative (seeking revenge for murderered parents blahblah) but the voice actors draw me in. The animations are very good regarding the facial expressions, but the walking could be animated too. The music towards the end really hightens the tension and in the end I wanted to see what the Custer Wolf is up. Well done!

very good cartoon! especially the graphic style

-Ambitious (this counts as a huge pro)
-Decent enough voice acting
-Imaginative premise
-Nice expressions, if a little sloppy on the line work at times.
-Sloppy audio recording, maybe it's microphone quality, but there's quite a few peaks in there.
-Too fast paced, need a bit more establishment, both the premise and the characters (you had one of the characters die, but it's not very effective since we didn't know who the character was really). I'd suggest taking a bit more time to develop your characters, give more a feel for personalities for the characters.
-Sloppy animation for the character designs, the designs themselves are fine, some of them very good, but they change slightly every frame, maybe nail down a more solid sketch or sketches and try and keep to them as accurately as you can.

Sorry for overstating the cons, just trying to offer useful criticism.