Colors Around Me

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Can u guess it??
Logos of various websites , newschannels , softwares etc are simplified to colorful dots. Play the game and identify the logos.

The colored dots represent Characters in the Correct answer takes the user to the next visual.



Mouse over "H" for hints : located at Top Left cornner .

Play in groups ;
No skipping :)


Pretty difficult, I found out about a few via Google that I was completely unaware of. Also, please explain that the answer should be in lower case only. It was a little confusing that 'NBC' and even 'Google' weren't accepted, but 'nbc' and 'google' were.

would actually be a game if there was a timer and score.
and if not, then for fuck's sake make a skip button.

CNBC?? why it incorrect??

I absolutely love this logo game concept, though I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure I've seen some of these before... I hope you weren't naughty. =p

It's definitely a group game though, sans a few design changes that could easily turn it into a one player game. I also think it's strange to make a game that people might not necessarily be able to finish, regardless of setting. I know I sure got stuck... pity since I was having some great fun (four letter word above six letter word that's orange, yellow, and red?).

I think a great fix the problem in later games would be to replacing the dropping hint button with one that works by pressing it but only after you've answered enough questions to "activate" it but that only "works" for as many times it's activated as you've set for it to "stock" extra hints for how many questions. Say you get 10 answers right before you want your first clue, but you got the clue available for each 5, so you can have 2 hints stockpiled to use whenever. Or you could do a incremental (or exponential) version of the same: say you can get access to a first clue at 4, but you have to wait until the 10th logo to get your second, and then your third at 18 (see what I'm doing here?). In either case, it's really just application of a simple counter formula, and you could also give harder clues (if you want) instead of just stopping hints, otherwise your players might not be able to finish and your game rating drops considerably too.

Anyway, at least it was rather fun while it lasted.

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Good game but I stuck at the one that looks like a pink and purple pig nose please helpp

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abhishek007 responds:


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Apr 9, 2013
1:51 AM EDT
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