Drawing Spongebob

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Sure ill draw spongebob

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Good start.

i usually dont review stuff that much honestly but this is so true from my side :P and WHY spongebob?? lol, nice anim dude :P

That is pretty much what it's like when people see you draw random stuff and think you are amazing at drawing and expect more when really, you are just drawing random stuff. happens all the time when I am drawing random comics at school as a form of procrastination 5 stars!

lol fucking nice dude but improve on your audio c;

Good quality, and I know this all too often man. "Oh, you can draw? Draw my friend."
Shit like that, I did face painting at a birthday party, every kid saw the first kid's face and it was just "I'll have what he's having" forever in a day. Very relate-able.

Visually, it was clean, inspiration from Yotam and Oney am I right? The walk cycle forward seemed like a bitch to work. The audio was crisp and the point came through.
Maybe work on refining your flow/gestures, but maybe the quality of those elements were intentionally sub-par, ahah.

This was a great submission, but didn't have me in stitches. Emphasis man, that's the flair I reckon it needed, not to be confused with obnoxious mic spam, ofcourse.

Keep at it!

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4.37 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2013
6:05 PM EDT