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Parkour meeting tagging in this running, jumping, police avoiding adventure. Navigate your way through the rooftops and streets in Parkour the game. The more jumps you get in, sprays you get and the longer you go, the more your score will build, so pretty much just don't get caught and you are good to go. Run free!


I think I agree with some of the previous comments, the depth perception in this game is messed up there needs to more of a difference between the foreground and the background, the animation of the character was pretty well done though I will give you that.

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The graphics weren't spectacular, the lack of music was unappealing, and the voice acting was generic. Also the controls were buggy, and thus the game unplayable.

es algo original pero les repetitivo, y te llegas a aburrir bien rapido

This would be nice, but it needs tons of work. First off, get rid of the repetitive grunting sound effects. It sounds more like he's constipated than trying to outrun the cops. (For that matter, there should be music anyways.) Platforming is hard enough with this game, but making it so we can't tell the foreground from the background takes quite a bit away from the game. Work on these few things and make it a bit nicer. Good luck!

why does it move so slowly? you should make that an option. it's an alright game, but it needs a little more elements to make it more fun. for example the more cans you get also makes you do better kool looking jumps and leaps. it looks very nice though, its just the game-play needs more work.

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2.06 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2013
6:55 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid