Jennifer Rose: Flirting S

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Jennifer Rose works as a waitress in the Texas Saloon again and this time her job is more difficult because her boyfriend also comes to Texas and visits her every day with flowers!
Use mouse to interact with environment

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want her to carry 2 things at once like a huge majority of people in the world, and why do i need to flirt with my boyfriend all the damn time??
i can speak from 2 standpoints on this:

1. why would a woman running a business have to have her boyfriend's approval of doing so? as being a "girly" game this seems very condescending. what would little girls playing this game subconsciously think? 'when i get older and pursue a career my boyfriend will always come first!' a very bad thing to instill in anyone, whether it be a significant other, friends, or family. people need to be independent in this world.

2. what practicality does the boyfriend hold anyway?? "i'm sorry ma'am, but i need to go flirt with my boyfriend before i serve you- even though i AM a server" if you were trying to throw in something that try to inhibit success, why not make it something believable, like 'a rowdy crowd from the bar across town trashed your place! better clean it up!'

either way i love these kind of games because i love multitasking, as it is a very big part of my career, but this one does not fill that spot in my heart.
diner dash does tho! LUL

Great wee game but there is some tweaks required before it could become one of those highly addictive games. A few improvements would be:
1: Allow the waitress to serve 2 items at a time to customers, as well as being able to hold up to 2 dishes for washing on both arms.
2: Be able to buy an upgrade that allows the customers to be patient for longer
3: She starts going glitchy when you line up loads of commands. Literally she would keep going back & forth on the same spot until she decided to go to the destination required.
4: Have more upgrades in general to purchase, it's too easy to buy all the upgrades. Once you have everything it does start to become quite monotonous to play as you're not really advancing anything but your score.

Just a few inputs, hope they help.

Wish that prat would stop visting me :/

you can't run the restaurant with one waitress and keep your boyfriend happy

Would be great if she didn't have to go back for the dishes from different customers and if she could carry food with both hands. The customers get angry too fast :(

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2.12 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2013
3:25 AM EDT
Simulation - Job