Furry fighter

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You the cat, and you task - championship in wrestling league of little city Suntown.
- 13 fighters enemies on 4 arenas.
- 3 main hero for player choose.
-traning room with hordes of mouses.
- inventory and upgrades to powerup your hero.


Well it was fine while it lasted.Still, it needs improvement.The sound is...meh and the graphics are nice for the most part.The only thing that bugs me is the madness-like style of the characters.It's ok with "madness" but here the models are just too big and that owl guy's head flew way too far at one point.The gameplay was surprisingly addictive for it's "nature" but that could be my own stubbornness.It was difficult but not frustrating and the shielded twins required some thought.It would be better if I was able to hit the enemy's body AND head but I guess it's fine as it is.The story is non-existent with little info given about the characters but then again, this isn't a game focused on the story.An issue I had was the shop's inventory and the $ you get.There are a couple more fights after you complete the golden set and that leaves some spare cash.If not give the shop a larger inventory you could at least give us some form of consumables.Something like food or drinks for the cat, so that we can spend that 1k cash we have(or make useless stuff like furniture and such).Also, the mice level is only available after a defeat for reasons unknown.It would be better if I am able to grind a little bit, since the enemy difficulty progresses quite fast.There is no use of the "regeneration" stat - it's just too...weak to be effective and fights are never that long.I understand that having a "mega regeneration" would be OP but it seems there's no middle ground.Swap it with something else like defense, which reduces the damage you take.That's all I can think of now and I hope to see a sequel with some "upgrades"

P.S. For the guys stuck at the shielded twins, here's what to do:
1)Always aim for the guy on the left(the one with the orange mask).The other one is covered b spikes and shielded.You have no chance
2)You need to have Speed and Damage maxed
3)Swipe at them.Make sure you don't hit the top of his head or you'll get spiked
4)They will inevitably doge and block for a second.After that they will attack you.
5)You have a second before they start attacking.Strike now(preferably with a charged attack)
6)Repeat steps 3-5 until they die.

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The shield brothers are overpowered

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It was good up until the point where I got to the highest level, then it became a chore to beat the enemies because I had no upgrades to get, and they were more powerful than me. Possibly nerf the higher end enemies.

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Aww.. Fluffiiies..

"Hey Insert your name here I m your father" -Grumpy cat. O_O

What?! NO DAADDY!! T_____T

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the only reason i clicked it is because it said furries and I LOVE FURRIES I also love the game

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2013
12:17 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS