Fury of Frostbite

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Unleash Frostbite's fury as he enters the depths of hell.

Arrow keys to move, spacebar to fire.

What's new?
+Frostbite's wings are invulnerable to enemy fire.
+Frostbite's fire easily distinguishable from enemy fire.
+New sprites.
+Slow health regen ability.
+Experience the story through the medals. Unlock the hidden medals for plot detailing.

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I don't really like the prospect of endless shooters, especially when there's a story involved, since it gives you a goal you can never really reach. The gameplay's a bit monotone compared to your newer games too, with no power-ups, or bosses, or progressive difficulty, it just goes on and on and on, and until you choose to or get lazy it's pretty much impossible to die. The largest medals however, are at a risk of taking so long to gain the API connection times out before you reach them, in which case I suppose they won't unlock, which is a shame if you spend that much time getting there. As for the secrets, not sure when you get them? Seems there's a pattern there? Based on distance... maybe? Anyway, it's a good shooter, but could use some work. Keep it going!


I'm not sure how skilled you are at removing the BG of an image (creating transparency), but they're really...bad. I can still specks of white around each enemy, which indicates that their original BG colour was white.

A lot of the medals aren't unlocking for me either.

The Achievements for Killing 500, killing 1000, getting a finale score of 100,000, a final score of 500,000 and a finale score of 1,000,000 are not unlocking. And I have ad blocker definitely disabled because I always check before playing a game with medals on here.

I'm just in a furious rage right mow because I spend 1 HOUR to kill 10,000 enemies to get a final score of 1,000,000!

A very good game i must say.
I only have a few suggestions.
You should add upgrades to frostbite
And you should add platforms

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2013
10:54 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight