Boogers From Space

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What happens when a robot comes out of your face?
Robot battle. Duh. What else would it be?

Damn, I certainly came a long way from my humble beginnings making the shit-tastic Resident Evil spoof when I was 13.
Made this in 2012 for my Senior Animation Thesis. Slapping this thing together in less than a year, I'm fairly happy with the result. Aside from my lil bro making the awesome music for me, and the best voice actors I could ask for(as well as damn good friends) I made this thing entirely on my own. Written, directed and animated by me. It was a maddening experience, but I tried my best.
Compressing it did take its toll, but hopefully you can sit through the sound and image quality.
Oh well, at least it's not too terrible. Enjoy the fun time. If you like robots, bathroom humor, and mindless violence, then you should like this.
With love,

ps My site isn't entirely finished yet but check out powwhale.com to see my business portfolio. Not interesting I know, but soon coming, powwhalemedia.com where I will be frequently updating with all of my recent projects I've been making including my comic series Bust Berries. Issue 0 will be released soon.

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Time for some creative insanity! The volume in the acts of voice seem to sway a bit, and there are occasional chunks of silence when you'd think they should be saying something, but apart from that this was a real feast of action to watch. The animation isn't always consistent, but you definately manage to capture the motion in movements, and build up some pretty crazy scenarious. A bit much random, maybe, but still plenty of entertainment. Nice work!


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4.79 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2013
9:34 PM EDT