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Cypher Five

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Each level you will be presented with five words that have been coded into a cypher. You find these words by swapping the letter tiles to the correct position.
For example: 'A' might equal 'B' in the code etc.
When a correct letter is place in the proper slot the letter will turn green.
If you're stuck you can buy a letter to help you out, but be careful, you only have so many moves.


This game is quite interesting.

this game is very interesting: the idea of the Cypher is good, and well made. However, with the limited moves, it is difficult to complete a level, because in the beginning, you'll have to use luck. even if you are working on the letters that are used the most in the words, you'll still have to try every letter to guess what is the right one.

I'd say the biggest problem with this game is the beginning of each level, based mostly on luck. If this problem didn't exist, this would be a nice game overall!

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athoirs responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree, the beginning of each level is the hardest. I considered a few options for this like revealing some letters at start of level etc, but discovered that depending on which letters were exposed this could have very different results ranging from making the level too easy to not being very much help. After playing the game myself for some time I decided that starting with 20 moves and plenty of power ups on the lower levels was a good balance.
There are so many power ups in the early levels that the best tactic is to buy up lots of letters, this way you should be able to complete the lower levels without too much dificulty.
More experienced players have the option of being more prudent with the moves and saving them for the higher levels where the power ups reduce and the cost to buy a letter goes from 2 to 3 moves.

I would be interested to hear peoples opinions on the difficulty though as this is something that can easily be tweaked.

Good game, nice puzzle that makes you think. Played the first level but it seems like a game that I cannot play more than a couple of levels on. Good effort though

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3.00 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2013
7:48 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other