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Hamnisu's YT presentation

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My first attempt at 'proper' Flash animation. I created it to use it as a presentation video of my YouTube channel.

Please overlook the fact that it is about my YouTube channel; I post it here to get some feedback and suggestions about how I can improve my usage of Adobe Flash.

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well it'a hard to judge a video which basically ia a presentation and gives you only information but the animation is done well and the author speaks with a pleasant voice in english. can't rate this bad

Hamnisu responds:

Yeah I undestand it can't really be rated on "storyline" - but I was hoping to get some feedback on the animation, and I thank you for your input! :)
I'm glad you like my English as well; I'm doing my best to get a grip of this language.

Your English isn't bad at all, but that accent is a bit hard to understand at times. Nice iniative though making an animated introduction video. It's simple and easy to follow, even though it's rather bland and generically informative. Makes me think of those airline videos you watch with instructions on safety before take-off. Hope this isn't the only infomercial you'll be submitting though, would be fun to see more creative work apart from regular gaming videos, those are just... everywhere!! Keep it going. :)


Hamnisu responds:

Thank you for your feedback regarding my English - highly appreciated! I'm working on getting better; so hopefully it won't be as hard to understand me in the future :)
I really appreciate your input on the animation; I was actually aiming to get it somewhat similar to the take-off videos ^^

I've been working with Flash in almost 8 months now, and I'm having loads of fun. I will keep on working and try to post more animations soon. Thank you so much for your kind words, cd!