Retarded Animal Babies 9

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Made way the fuck back in 2004 as a DVD-exclusive episode, now you can finally see Retarded Animal Babies 9 right here on Newgrounds, free of charge. If you had bought a DVD sometime in the past nine years, this wouldn't be all that special for you. But if you're a cheap bastard (like me!), this is a magical day for you, for sure.

As for RAB16, I'll still keep that one a DVD-exclusive episode for now. I'll get back to you in 2018 or 2023 and see how I feel about it then.

Incidentally, I added a link in the lower-left corner for my new site AnythingNapkin.com. It's the balls. I'm drawing anything you want for FIVE BUCKS (and up)! Check it out & be sure to read the disclaimers, you dirty-minded reprobates.


The animation wasn't bad, though in some parts seemed like laziness kicked in (e.g.: when chasing the hamster). The jokes, and in general the story, were rather stale and a bit too repetitive. And yes, juvenile, but as you mentioned at the end, that's 11-year-old's humour for you. Honestly I don't understand why everybody finds this a good submission (nor why somebody would spend money on a DVD full of this), but I guess it's the juvenile memory coming back. Most users were a lot younger 9 years ago and might, by reflex, still find it funny... somehow. That's the only logical explanation I can find to explain any successful comedy in this animation. Therefore, no more than 1.5 Stars from me.

I love how my last review was deleted because I didn't give you 5 stars and say "Oh that Funny!" like everyone else, I still think you were trying Much too hard to have stupid Humor, and I'm sticking to that, if you have a problem with the fact that someone just doesn't like your show I think you can swallow your pride and just Deal with it.

kinda funny or something...

Wow, people actually bought this.

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4.25 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2013
7:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original