BroBalls 2

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After the smashing success of 2012's Super BroBalls, the BroBalls team has been hard at work on the brotastic sequel, BROBALLS 2! Now fully TOUCH-enabled! Compatible with I-PHONE and ANDROID!

New features include five fliptastic flippers, totally redesigned music, and real voices! Grab your BROS and get ready to BRO all night!

Left/Right keys or Left/Right touch - Flip
L key or 2-finger touch - Launch
SHIFT or 4-finger touch or shake - Bro Pound!
D key - Die instantly!

For more great info on bros and balls, BROwse on over to BROBALLS.INFO, the hottest bromain name on the 'Web!

Bro tip: If you're having BROblems with the keyBROard input, try the "Play in New Window" BROption.


Bro God....See what I did there?

Wow you know I bet if I was to play this game for too long I'd probably have to hurt the next person I see....best stop there. just messing with you though this game is insanely stupid enough for april fools and that's a win in my book


well its nice but is there a like 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 level? i meen how do you get to a nother level and get upgreads i have to know i like it just why not get 1 ke. 2 le. 3 le. last le. i dotn get it how to get upgreads get to nother levels or does it just when i lose does it just does'nt tell me when the next level i amin its just i like it just how do you get to level 1 and 2 and the last one by the way this si just better then the maze one 2 levels keep saying you lose it says you win on level 1 the level 2 whe you dont get out of the maze it says you lose just is there upgreads and next levels

this game does wonders for my ego lovin the point system. unfortunately it's one of those games you would play only to kill bordem and make your self feel good because it's not really challenging. Just being real.

The reviews are in!

"...BROTASTIC!!!" - a bro
"it gave me a RAGING BRONER!" - another bro
" BROTACULAR!"" - the first bro again

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2.55 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2013
11:34 AM EDT
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