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Fury of Flarewing

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Unleash Flarewing's fury as he enters the depths of hell.

Arrow keys to move, spacebar to fire.

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I love how there's all these fake reviews and votes for these Balrog games from a bunch of punk kids "stuffing the ballot". I know you must've been 12 or 13 when this was made, but I've seen better stuff from kids around your age and don't use cheap tactics to get high votes.

Please, fix the medals. Now it's just a huge time waster.

Fix the API so that the medals actually send. I have talked with others who have said that they sometimes unlock and sometimes they don't. Nothing more irritating than doing the same repetitive thing for over 30 minutes to get 1k kills to find it doesnt unlock.

just awful

Meh, very old game concept and graphic...