Gorlog 2002

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UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE!!! THIS GAME IS DIFFICULT! It requires practice, and has a bit of a learning curve. It may take a little effort to pass Parsec 1, and a few tries. Keep at it! A handful of people have successfully beaten the game! I hope everyone will enjoy it, but honestly, it will appeal more to hardcore gamers because of it's difficulty level.

Wow! Thanks everyone! I really, really appreciate the feedback, and I am listening to your suggestions. I know you can't rapidfire, but that was coded intentionally. As far as button placement, you're all right. It's not so great. So, I will look into fixing that soon. I agree, it's very difficult indeed, but some people have beaten the game, so it can be done! Again, thanks for making a struggling Flash designer's day. You guys are awesome.

This is definetely my most ambitious project yet...four months in the making. Hope you all enjoy it. Its an action packed vertical shooter, maybe the first Flash game like it. Full of various enemies, bosses, powerups, secrets and codes, this will have you addicted for a while. Can you pass 3 waves of relentless enemy attack and survive the final confrontation with the evil Gorlog Mothership?

Graphics & Code: Jason Cirillo
Original Music: Ed Wilson
Support: Antonio Martins and Rika Takagi

Space: Fire
S: Shield (needs 20 coins)
B: Nuke
Arrow Keys: Control

Press Enter at the end of each Parsec to continue. Click on the box when it pops up if your controls don't respond.


Best game... ever!

man i always like the space shooters, even though the format is old, it will always be my fav. game! very good job!

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Old school goodness! I love it! But here are afew suggestions, if you could make a diff settings button, that would help alot. Also a change buttons ... button . I like the fact that the lasers disappear if you shoot to fast, it makes you think instead of just mashing the button like crazy. Well I still need to beat it so I'm off. All in All a great game, keep it up :)

:cold: _C.I.A._ :cold:

Oh My God

This game is fcukin class, pure and simple. It's rare to find a game of such quality and so in touch with the arcades. My total respect to u Jason!!!

fuck dis shit

cant get pass shit. Make it easier, and have the ship take damage instead of blowing up in a hit. I mean come on the one of the bad guys could kick your ass. Shit man I would rather play as a bad guy rather than this piece of shit ship. Other than that excellent game, keep up the good work
P.S.-I know where you live!

Robotube responds:

Thanks for the good score, but dude, games are supposed to have a weak main character. I'm happy it's a hard game. Like any game, it can be beaten with practice. A handful of NG players have stuck with it and beaten the end boss. Each to his own I guess.

i thought it was awsome

everyone who said this game sucks can shove a firecracker up there asses

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Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2002
12:11 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight
  • Daily Feature August 23, 2002