Gorlog 2002

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UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE!!! THIS GAME IS DIFFICULT! It requires practice, and has a bit of a learning curve. It may take a little effort to pass Parsec 1, and a few tries. Keep at it! A handful of people have successfully beaten the game! I hope everyone will enjoy it, but honestly, it will appeal more to hardcore gamers because of it's difficulty level.

Wow! Thanks everyone! I really, really appreciate the feedback, and I am listening to your suggestions. I know you can't rapidfire, but that was coded intentionally. As far as button placement, you're all right. It's not so great. So, I will look into fixing that soon. I agree, it's very difficult indeed, but some people have beaten the game, so it can be done! Again, thanks for making a struggling Flash designer's day. You guys are awesome.

This is definetely my most ambitious project yet...four months in the making. Hope you all enjoy it. Its an action packed vertical shooter, maybe the first Flash game like it. Full of various enemies, bosses, powerups, secrets and codes, this will have you addicted for a while. Can you pass 3 waves of relentless enemy attack and survive the final confrontation with the evil Gorlog Mothership?

Graphics & Code: Jason Cirillo
Original Music: Ed Wilson
Support: Antonio Martins and Rika Takagi

Space: Fire
S: Shield (needs 20 coins)
B: Nuke
Arrow Keys: Control

Press Enter at the end of each Parsec to continue. Click on the box when it pops up if your controls don't respond.

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I was surprised at how fun this turned out to be! I think the main reason it works is because the designs are really good. I appreciate how there are so many cool colors in this. There are a wide variety of enemies and even the fact they shoot at you is different. While not as good as something like "RaidenX", still quite memorable. The sounds are nice and give it a good techno feeling.

You can't really shoot them off screen. It's even kind of cool how you blow up! It could probably use some more detail in terms of the background. I just appreciate a standard space shooting game. Good thing there's a shield.

Sry, but....

.... this game wasn't very entertaining. It looks quite okay, but it's to difficult in my opinion. The problem is that the enemy projectiles are a little too fast and the controls are too squishy for dodging them. Moreover you don't have a life bar or something. Normally this would be okay, but not under these circumstances.


It`s beatiful. Very good work.


My greatest disappointment with this game is the difficulty, and lack of difficulty settings. The only way I've found to lessen the absurd amounts of incoming enemy fire is to position the ship at the very top of the map and spam the space button; due to the fact that your ship's weapons have limited range, whereas the enemies have unlimited range. Hanging out in the rear in hopes of anticipating and possibly dodging any attack at all is completely an act of faith as there are so many projectiles heading your way, it becomes near impossible for a beginner or amateur to calculate and interpret the correct path to dodge these attacks, and yes - you have to be precise at dodging because one shot and you are dead.

When you die, you lose all power ups, you do have lives but they become irrelevant in the further you progress - namely because you re spawn with the lowest upgrade. That means even if you choose the ship that supposedly is more suited to weapons - if you die, you actually get downgraded.

My recommendation is to add difficulty levels, since not everyone is a god at retro shooters and/or had the privilege of having Neo from the Matrix as their kung fu master. Another suggestion would be to make the downgrading of weapons/speed less harsh. Perhaps one or two downgrades per death depending on what difficulty setting you are currently playing would be a lot less frustrating.

I will admit that I have amateur quality skills when it comes to these types of games, but even still I was able to make it to the 4th or 5th line of ships before I died, every single time.

Good concept and style, even if it has been reproduced many many times in the past, work on the difficulty settings and add some customization to the game play aspects and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Retro shooter

Quite neat, somewhat difficult.

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3.74 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2002
12:11 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight
  • Daily Feature August 23, 2002