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Reality of The Bible

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Author Comments

This is a joint production by Buck Cash (buckcash.com) and The Infidel guy (infidelguy.com). The caller is not a true caller as this was only the first in a great series of show highlights. In the future, these movies will be much longer will real callers. Believe me, the real callers are worst (funnier)than our little staged movie.



The animation on this one lacks something to be desired. But the dialogue is just hilarious. Good Job!

Shut up Rabidsquirl

Were here to review a movie, not decide wether you have proof of your god

I do like that end quote, that was awesome xD That guy really didnt realise what he was saying, did he.

I like these, keep 'em comin!

very funny

now its guys like that that give cxristans everywhere a bad name rolfmao

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humor should hit 20 because this is where that belongs lol hahahhaah


ok. first of all i have to say that this was a great flash. it proves a great point. now.... god i hate doing this. ok. im gonna have to send the oversensitive idiot who reviewd this before me into his own delusional hell right here on earth. you called him an infidel. which means you are highly religious. which means your opinion is highly baised. now tell me this. if god is benevolent then why was he also wrathful? now im not Athiest. i am Agnostic. show me proof and ill believe it. ill get down on my god damned knees and grovel. but till then i am gonna make the assumption that there is no such being. he makes flashes perhaps for the point you mentioned. or perhaps to restate in varying manners for all the others of this world who may see things in different lights what his beliefs are. that way eventually you will catch his logic. or perhaps he just finds it amusing and it has nothing to do with his religion. perhaps he is just fastinated by the subject. or there is another possibility. that he does it because thats jsut what sparks his imagination. you never know what his reasons are so stop making assumptions. as for him having to convince himself... if he is secure enough to ...

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Credits & Info

2.43 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2002
2:22 AM EDT
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