Reality of The Bible

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This is a joint production by Buck Cash (buckcash.com) and The Infidel guy (infidelguy.com). The caller is not a true caller as this was only the first in a great series of show highlights. In the future, these movies will be much longer will real callers. Believe me, the real callers are worst (funnier)than our little staged movie.


Does this Infedel Guy...........

.......have anything better to do? All his cartoons against religion, almost nothing else. That tells me one of two things.

1. He's one of those atheists who still haven't FULLY gotten rid of the idea that there is a God. He's still thinks there could be, he's just too afraid to admit it, it scares him. So he has to talk about it all the time, he has to keep telling himself there is no God, and he has to keep making flashes out of it so he can keep convincing himself. Don't bullshit yourself dude, you want to talk about "reality", look at the bullshit coming out of you.

2. He HATES religious people, in which case he doesn't deserve my time. Hate is hate, regardless of who it is directed at.

You've got a lot of growing up to do, buddy.


Yeah, I think this wasn't funny, I'm neither an athiest nor a devout Christian, but I think atheism harbors the most ignorant and hateful of people who use "no God" as an excuse for their stupid acts. I suggest you don't make any sequels.


The graphics were certainly unique, but animation was sub-par. No comment on the 'message'; I'm agnostic.


it was ok, not much animation tho, but it was alright, kinda funny too.and i said kinda.

Yeah kinda crap

Woah Debauchery where did that come from your definition of an atheist is the same as my definition of a religious zealot. What stupid acts are you are you talking about, choosing not to go to church because some old guy tells you to? How does choosing not to spend your time on worshiping some invisible force (just because people tell you, and show you a book which is very vague with many contradictions) ignorant. And I mean come on according to the bible the universe is less then 10,000 years old.

I agree though it wasn't very funny that is what Christians say to back up religion though.

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Aug 23, 2002
2:22 AM EDT
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