Pacman Doom

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Bridge The Gap 5 Points

There's light on the other side of the tunnel.

Game Over 5 Points

All good things come to an end!

In Control 5 Points

Now you have mastered the buttons.

Read Me 5 Points

Thanks for reading! :)

Spawn 5 Points

Even if you kill them, they don't die!

High Score 10 Points

Get over 1000 points!

Higher Score 25 Points

Get over 10,000 points!!

Insane Score 100 Points

Get over 66,666 points!!!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Once you beat the big badasses and clean out the moonbase you're supposed to win, aren't you? Where's your fat reward and ticket home? What the hell is this? It's not supposed to end this way! It stinks like rotten meat, but looks like Pacman. Looks like you're stuck in a realm of fruits, ghosts and eternal point collection. The only way is through.


If you like Doom and/or Pacman, you might like this. :)

Instructions on how to play/controls/useful stuff are included in the game, along with two easter eggs and an eternal loop of levels. The mission is: get the highest score you possible can.

Anyway, I've been working on this game the whole day, and both day and game are finally done. Woo! Sit back, relax, eat some dots, enjoy! Have fun! And most importantly... leave tons of feedback! ;)

NOTE - Score-based medals are unlocked after you finish a game.


Completely old school. IT's kinda addictiv, and fun, and intense. But the only problem i have with this game is the sound effects, which are will get a little to annoying, after playing it for a while. But other then that, i liked it. 4,5 from me :)

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Cyberdevil responds:

You can always mute. ;) Thanks for the positive feedback!

well the ghost are pac-doomed!

Cyberdevil responds:


really just pacman at the end of the day

Cyberdevil responds:

Is it Doom at the start of the day? ;) Thanks for the comment.

This was pretty enjoyable, I liked the doom aesthetic a lot. Maybe swap out a few sound effects to also compliment doom as well within the game as well as on the menu?

Also, ghosts don't seem to die unless I kill them, which is a little weird but meh. Good game! :D

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Cyberdevil responds:

Personally I thought the clash of Pacman sounds/ghosts/etc combined with the general Doom theme just felt perfect, but I could add an option to toggle sound sets. Good idea! The menu is made entirely of Doom sounds already btw. Thanks for the comment!

Hell yeah dude, doom!!! Fuckin love doom. Glad to see a big guy on newgrounds is a DooM fan. Fun game, nicely scripted, great visuals

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Cyberdevil responds:

Best game ever. :) Thanks!

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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2013
3:08 PM EDT
Skill - Collect
  • Underdog of the Week March 27, 2013